1 §VSDC = 1.00 VSDC Slippage: 0%
Fee: 0%

Regulators, particularly in the US and EU, are always trying to expand their oppressive measures of control under the disguise of "protecting" the investors. We believe that investors are smart, diligent & independent adults. Therefore, please acknowledge that by connecting your self-custodian wallet to this service you are accepting the following Terms of Service:
You shall use this service only with accordance of all the laws and regulations you are currently under. We shall bear no responsibility over unlawful or unregulated use of this service. This is an interface to experimental smart contracts. Your funds are at risk. DYOR & FCK SEC.

This interface works with the following EVM networks:
Base Mainnet, Goerli Testnet

Synthetic Decentralized Exchange Secured by VSDC


Play with crypto assets—no slip, no bots, low fees & low gas