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Payship is a fully decentralized platform hosting a suite of crypto synthetic trading dApps: SWAPS, PERPS, LOANS and FARMS. All dApps are secured by Chainlink price feed oracles and integrated with each other through a common means of exchange, the VSDC stable denominator backed by real ETH and always priced at one US dollar.

Operating since 2020 as an ecosystem of smart contracts and communities, Payship integrated in 2023 under one brand and deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet, Coinbase Base and Goerli Testnet.


Status: Completed

Swap Synthetics

Payship SWAPS decentralized exchange (DEX) for synthetic assets allows you to swap hundreds of tokens on chains like Ethereum Mainnet and Coinbase Base (coming soon to Arbitrum and Optimism too). Using Chainlink price feed oracles Payship DEX offers accurate prices, zero price impact during swaps, is immune to flash loan attacks, has no slippage, no bots, low fees and low gas costs. Your Payship SWAPS volume counts towards your Payship FARMS rewards!

To start using Payship SWAPS you first need VSDC tokens in your wallet. You can mint VSDC using ETH. All synthetic assets are priced in US dollars and can be swapped to and from VSDC, or with each other directly.


Status: In Progress

Lend & Borrow
Hundreds of Tokens

Payship LOANS decentralized lending and borrowing allows you to deposit and borrow hundreds of tokens on chains like Ethereum Mainnet and Coinbase Base (coming soon to Arbitrum and Optimism too). Based on the Payship SWAPS technology, and using Chainlink price feed oracles, Payship LOANS are immune to flash loan attacks. Unlike other lending dApps, Payship LOANS offer a stable interest rate system and fixed-interest loans.

Moreover, a special basket of super-tokens, like PSHP, offer low-interest, no-liquidation VSDC loans. In turn, VSDC can be used across many Payship dApps, while your Payship LOANS assets accumulate rewards with Payship FARMS!


Status: In Progress

Opt for Fun
& Profit or Loss

Payship PERPS decentralized Crypto Contracts for Difference (CCFD) allow you to take part in the market movements without owning the underlying assets. With CCFDs you can bet on the direction the asset price takes and in case you are correct, reap the benefits—with leverage! At the same time, your losses are strictly limited to the deposited collateral you make your bets with.

Based on Payship SWAPS technology, incorporating Chainlink price feed oracles and our experience from the LIQLO betting that paid out more than 100 ETH in winnings during its run in 2020-2021, Payship PERPS offer new and fun ways to experience crypto.


Status: In Progress

Earn Rewards & Govern

Payship FARMS decentralized staking for rewards and governance allows you to reap even more benefits just by using Payship dApps and staking PSHP. Your activity is rewarded with Payship Voting Rights (vrPSHP) that in turn allows you to rank up the chart and take part in the rewards distributions and interest rate governance votes.


Status: Completed

Mint & Redeem VSDC

Payship VSDC stable denominator is at the core of the Payship platform. VSDC is backed by real ETH and is always priced at one US dollar while used within the Payship dApps. It has a simple and efficient smart contract code based on the wildly popular WETH token. It ties Payship together.


Payship treats privacy & safety of its team and its customers very seriously.
To maintain customer privacy, this service does not collect user data, logs or IPs. To maintain team security, this platform is anonymous.
To ensure platform safety we take all available efforts on our part to deploy safe and secure smart contract code, maintain security of our dApps and infrastructure. However, no software is guaranteed to be free from bugs and vulnerabilities. Therefore exert caution when using the Payship platform and acknowledge you are aware of all risks when using Payship smart contracts and dApps.


This web page is an instance of the open source interface to the Payship platform smart contracts. You too can publish this interface using nothing more than a static hosting web server.
Go to Payship Frontend GitHub repository to learn more.