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Payship is a major step forward in crypto lending: Deposit any ERC20 token. Use VSDC stable denominator as collateral. Earn interest on any deposit. Borrow any ERC20 token.


Lending Economics

Payship is a major step forward in lending economics: Competitive collateral factor that is fixed and equal across all tokens and a predictible, linear interest curve offer a simple and safe lending environment.


Borrower Protection

Payship is a major step forward in borrower protection: Every borrower who is under-collaterized has platform-defined time window to fix the position before being open for liquidation.


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Payship treats privacy & safety of its team and its customers very seriously. To maintain customer privacy, this service does not collet user data, logs or ip numbers. To maintain team security, the above pictures have been digitally manipulated as described: each team member has taken about 300 "selfies" that were supplied to the face generation algorithm to train on top of the base set. The result was further obscured using photo editing software: a depth of field blur was applied to distort details outside the face, and a dust filter was applied to introduce fuzzy pixels complicating photo reuse in other media. The result are photos that look alike, but not exactly like that person.